What Would An Ant Do?

Fant_closeup.jpgant_closeup.jpgind another way… that’s the answer. Block the ant’s path, and it goes left, right, above, even dig it’s way out of the problem. You won’t see ants banging on the blockage thinking it can break it, no! they find other ways. The least that ants do when they face a challenge is stop. I mean have you seen an ant staring at a wall for long hours? It’ll be dead if it does that.

Now, what would you do?

It’s amazing how often we feel stuck whenever we encounter a stumbling block or when we see things do not go our way or our schemes fail to work. I’ve seen many people including myself staring on a blank wall and say, no choice, there’s nothing I can do when this is far from being true… And we have bigger brains!

The next time you see yourself saying, there’s nothing I can do or I have no choice… think of the ant.


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