I am a drop of water,

that goes with the other drops of water,

that flows through a river,

that empties to the sea,

that evaporates to the clouds,

that pours down the mountains,

that flows back to the river,

that shapes the land around it,

that sustains the life of the living,

that gives and that takes

I am part of a great flow called life,

not my life, but a bigger life

The persons I meet are the people I should meet

The problems are the ones I must have

The happiness I feel are the rewards of the moment

The emotions are fleeting phases

I am a drop of water that fills a glass

that quenches a thirst,

that cleanses the ills

I am a drop of water

that serves my purpose

as other drops serve theirs

I am part of the great flow called life

everything will be alright


1 Comment

  1. wow, naman! love this. wala sa itsura, pero deep ka pala. mwehehe.

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