Roll with the Punches, etc.

The secrets to boxing success can very much be the same secrets to winning in life. Here are a few lessons you might want to consider as you step up the big ring called life:

Keep your guards up

Life will throw everything at you and at the most unexpected moments. Keeping your guards up means being ready to parry the shots. Diligence, patience and anticipating change are critical to keeping your guards up.

Roll with the punches
A great boxer may be able to knock the opponent out before the latter throws anything. In life it’s different, no one can possibly parry all the blows. One must learn to take life’s punches by rolling with it. Roll with the punches or you’ll end up a roadkill.  As they say, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

You can’t  possibly take everyone down with a single punch, the same goes in life. You cannot possibly achieve everything in a single try. You need to work your way up or through by making small steps that will eventually lead you to the gold. Small hits that lead to big success.

Cut off the ring
opponents are moving targets. If you don’t know how to cut off the ring, you will end up chasing an unreacheable target. Learning to cut off the ring in life means having a strategy for catching the target as you chase it. While hard work is good, smart work is better.

Build your stamina

While a boxer could boast that he could take an opponent down in the early round, the  prophecy does not always become a reality. A good boxer builds enough stamina to survive when the fight goes the distance. Same is true in life. Things don’t always happen as we want and guess they should be. We should build enough stamina to avoid frustration and burn out.

Listen to your coach
This is the best advice. The best boxers listen to their coach. They train and they train hard, as the fight happens they listen to their corner’s advice. In life you’ll find people in your corner. People who has your good in their mind. Listen to them.


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  1. Great post with real and useful tips. My favorite is jab,jab,jab – taking things one step at a time:)

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