That Silly Chili Pepper Plant

No body told it that chilis don’t grow on walls, that’s why it did. With little soil  and little space to grow on, it should have died before it grew and bear fruits. But this is already its second season of flowering and bearing fruit. It’s not impossible but it’s amazing nonetheless.

Sometimes, when we are told we can’t do things we believe it, that’s why I wonder if it is better if we don’t know. if we don’t know our limitations, will there be any? We can probably live like the silly chili pepper, beyond bounds and still growing and bearing fruits.



  1. You can do anything that you put your mind to.

  2. That’s right! If I hadn’t been told long ago that I “sucked at writing” I would’ve been a writer a long time a go. I should never listen to those types of comments! Better to be a silly chili plant!

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