Strange Social Disease

Photo Courtesy of Sir Mervs

Photo Courtesy of Sir Mervs

My country is afflicted and the cure is nowhere in sight. The disease isviral and it spreads and resides at the very core of our psyche. It infected and rotted our government and they manifest all the signs and symptoms: un-moderated greed, incessant lying and loss of remorse are the most obvious ones. Who knows what else it is doing to us. The symptoms have crept through our social organs. Generals caught with stash of millions, a congress that is too sick to resist a viral attack, religious and business leaders that support all these and a people so crippled by apathy, they can’t stop the spread of the disease.

Our system is so ill that the electoral cure is in itself contaminated. It’s like replacing a sick organ while we don’t know if the replacement is sicker. Many resigned to this notion that they decided to make the most of a sick system.  As they say, if you can’t lick ’em,  join ’em.

So that’s where we are today. Each one part of the ill one way or another, either as active participants to the social decay or as tolerant bystanders, none is less worse.

We need a good doctor, a surgeon who can dislodge the apathy virus from where it is comfortably seated.  We need a doctor to give us back our numbing sense of nation, to rid us of our impoverished thinking that infect not just the impoverished but those who have plenty.  Those who in one way or another, steal from the already poor. We need a doctor who only has passion for curing our ills. Not someone who is out to make a killing for offering placebos.  We need a doctor that attracts other good doctors. Someone with integrity, someone who has not been blamed for malpractice. Someone who can cure this strange social disease.

I hope to see this doctor in my lifetime.



  1. Unfortunately, a surgeon cannot perform medical procedures without the patient’s consent.

  2. is there a doctor who can do that?

    history is full of experiences of this social illness that sometime a shock treatment is needed. but then is society ready for a shock treatment?

    i for one recommend it but i rather have on a later date.

  3. @scarflady, time is running out

    @ Alvin, Good surgeons are able to operate because they are able to build a strong case that convinces the patient they need the operation.

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