Of Snakes and Rats

The other day, I saw my maid kill a small nonvenomous snake. I wanted to rescue the snake but I was too late. It was dead when I got there. I asked her why she killed when it didn’t do anything to hurt anyone. She said “why not? It’s a snake! It’s scary and slithering and yucky! Why are you so protective of it?  I answered, “Well, how many rats do you think a snake can kill in its lifetime?” She said “I don’t know, how many?” “I don’t know either” i replied, but I know it must be plenty”. “Between snakes and rats I’ll choose rats anytime” The maid replied back. “Rats run away when they see me, I run away when I see snakes”. “Ya, if you don’t kill them first!” I retorted. “Besides, you don’t know what you are talking about, rats contaminate our food, they spread disease and damage our clothes and other properties and they are yuckier as well. Snakes don’t do that. Snake bites are overrated. Have you heard or know anyone killed by a snake bite in your lifetime? Probably none.” The maid now looks more confused asked “Do you mean to say that in order to lose the rats, we have to keep the snakes?” She was obviously not amused with the idea. She was still  trying to figure out which of the two is the lesser evil.

Life is like that, an almost endless chain of causes and effects.  Every choice have implications, either good, bad or both. We can’t make knee-jerk decisions without the danger of throwing out something bad out into the world. Sometimes in order to rid our lives of rats,  we have to keep the snakes, but the choices are not always like that, never the less we need to learn how to make wise decisions.


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