welgaThis is not a metaphor, this is an irony!

In order to be called honorable in the Philippines, You either cheated in the election, lied to your constituents or stole from the people or all of the above. You have to know how to feign dignity to hide guilt when dealing with the people you lied,cheated to and stole from. What makes people aspire for the “honor” of being “honorable”? Power and money, so much of it that spouses and children, believe it’s the right thing to do, thereby breeding future batches of “honorables”.

Here is the funny thing, people know most “honorables” are guilty of lying, cheating and stealing from them and yet they fall in line, push their way and excitedly shake the hands of the people who cheated, lied  to and stole from them. And yes, they vote for them.

Isn’t this the worst irony of them all?


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