Impoverished Mind

What is worse than being impoverished?
To have an impoverished mind
To be afraid of losing everything when one has so much
To feel no satisfaction in having plenty
To keep an unfair share of the profit
To grab what is not one’s own
To steal from the government
To steal, worse, to steal from the already poor
To pretend to care about the poor while one robs them blind
To feign righteousness by going to church for show while masterminding crime against others
To be involved in civic actions as a front for stealing
To feed one’s family with the product of one’s thievery
To destroy the future in order to indulge in today
To cling to power at all cost including one’s own soul
To find fairness in being unfair
To call evil good
To serve as a pawn of evil
To have so much power and use it for evil
To look the other way because of the benefits of evil and inconvenience and cost of doing good
To be apathetic to all of these
Such are the products of impoverished thinking
We hate it but don’t hate it well enough and that is why impoverished thinking is more the norm rather than the exception in our impoverished society.



  1. Did you write this, Ed? Ang ganda.

  2. I think I did…wait… ya, I did it.

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