Time to Bring the Mirror Out

Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living.

So the time is just about right to bring out the mirror
To examine one’s life
To look at one’s present self
To compare it with the old self
To  see the difference a year brings
To count one’s blessings
To weigh one’s contributions
To learn from mistakes
To laugh at them too
To take stock of the learning
To apologize for the wrong doings
To cherish the happy moments
To be thankful for overcoming the bad ones
To see the gap between what should and what is
To promise to do better
To keep those promises too
To mourn for the loses just one more time
To appreciate the ones one keeps
To take pride of the lives one touched
To be thankful for the ones who touched one’s life
To say to one’s self, this has been a good year, because of the thing I gained, the things I gave and the things I learned.
To say that next year will be better because I promise to gain more by giving more and learning more.
For in the end, gaining is a product of giving and learning.


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