I Squished a Snail

Yesterday, while i was walking i accidentally stepped on an African snail and squished it beyond recognition. I felt very sorry for the snail. I thought of the injustice of not being able to get out of harm’s way even if one can see its imminence. I wondered how it must have felt for that snail if it was blessed (or cursed) with even a bit of awareness that it will be squished. Imagine the horror of not being able to crawl faster to avoid sure death. I wonder if it just resigns itself to fate, to accept at that very moment before i stepped on it that the end is near.

And then i thought somehow, sometimes we are worse off than that snail. It didn’t have any choice. It probably doesn’t even have the ability to choose. We, on the other hand have the power to choose how to live our life choose the way of the snail. Some of us choose fate to determine us rather than us determining our fate.


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