Don’t be That Bug

deadflyAccording to Mark Twain madness is defined as doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.

This reminds me of a bug i found dead near a glass window pane. It is easy to know the cause of that bug’s death. It banged against the glass pane many times trying to break through until it died. Have you seen them bugs do that? It’s crazy they can’t recognize that there’s no way they can breakthrough that way. They don’t know that the only way to be able to go elsewhere is to change direction.

Well, it’s not really crazy. They are bugs and one would expect them to behave that way.

What’s crazy is to see people behave in the same fashion. With human being’s amazing ability to learn, why can’t we learn from Twain… Or the dead bug by the window?

Whenever you feel stuck and your way towards your goal is blocked. Remember this lesson. ask how you can do things differently or do different things.

Don’t be that dead bug


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