The Hula hoops of Our Lives

I just saw a girl very effectively twirl three hula hoops around her waist. I thought she must have been bored with one, so she tried two, and then wondered if she can do three, and then she did. I also wondered how long it took her to keep three hulas up. She must have tried and failed several times until she got it. It’s fantastic what people can do if they know what they are good at and then explore how far they can go with it.

We must all have our own version of this girl’s hula hoop. I mean, we cannot be good at nothing. What is yours and how far have you gone with it? If you can sing, have you at least tried to get better at it so you can take a shot at stardom? If you think you are creative, have you exploited that creativity and let it take you as far as possible?

Don’t set your limits, push it.


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