The Frog, The Scorpion and The Philippines

Have you heard the story? A scorpion wanted to cross a river but couldn’t because he can’t swim. He found a frog, then asked him to carry the scorpion across the river. Knowing the destructive nature of the scorpion, the frog hesitated. He asked, “how do I know you are not going to sting and kill me while I take you to the other side?” The scorpion is smart and skillful with his words. He said “I would be too grateful to kill you, it wouldn’t be fair at all for me to harm you in anyway. Besides, I will die if I do that”. The frog believed the scorpion, so he carried him on his back trusting that the scorpion will keep his promise. Midway through, the frog felt a stabbing pain on his back. In the corner of his eyes he saw the scorpion pulling his stinger out of his back. “You fool! Why did you do that? Now we’re both going to die!”  The scorpion responded as they started to sink. “i can’t help it, it is in my nature.”

Now, think of the Philippines. Think of the coming elections. Think of the candidates… Make sure you don’t have a scorpion on your back.



  1. It is so embarrassing to think that we have lots scorpions around us. Private citizens are all aiming for a clean & honest election but at the same time, one way or another we are also supporters of political “trapos” . How can we get rid of them? How can we manage a clean and honest election? At this very early stage, you can already see the real color of the COMELEC administrators. There’s no need for me to elaborate, look what happened to Isabela governor, next target provinces will be Bulacan and then Pampanga. All the existing governors of these provinces are anti-administrator. The COMELEC are already manipulating the upcoming elections. This is very alarming..
    In the last paragraph of the story..”Now, think of the Philippines. Think of the coming elections. Think of the candidates… Make sure you don’t have a scorpion on your back”…..My personal reaction, I am now more worried of my kid’s future. Is Philippine falling down?? I can only dream. Honestly, I do not know where our Country is leading to but I do not want to lose hope.. at least for OUR CHILDREN’s future.

  2. I like this story, Ed. There really are a lot of scorpions in this country. It is their nature to hypnotize us with those promises and after being elected, most of us, if not all of us, will be stabbed in the back.

  3. I have some vials of scorpion anti-venom serum with me. I don’t have anything to protect me from thick-skinned rhinos, hungry sharks, aggressive crocodiles, treacherous snakes, and pesky rats though.

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