Looks Like Rain

Sky is dark in the horizon. The clouds look heavy and pregnant The wind feels moist and going this way. Looks like rain in a few hours or maybe in the afternoon. Maybe a heavy downpour. Then again, maybe not. Maybe the wind will change direction or the cloud will pass by without a single drop.

Shall I bring my umbrella or take a gamble that I won’t get wet? Should I proceed as planned or rearrange my day? If it rains, it rains. There’s not much I can do about it. Should I heed the warning on the horizon or take things in a stride? That is entirely up to me. Whatever my decision, it will define my day.

That’s how it is with rains and that’s how it is with anticipating changes in life.


Eulogy to my Old Shoes

How long has it been? three, four years? I’ve lost count. It’s not the amount of time that we’ve been together that matters but the places we’ve gone to together. You accompanied me through successes and failures, you endured my care-free nature that took its toll on your health. What started as an awkward, uncomfortable relationship bloomed to a partnership that is hard to break. But breaking up the relationship is what we must do. Your time to retire from loyal service has come. We need to move on, I need to move on. I am set to reach new frontiers in my life, setmy feet on new adventures. I’m very sorry to leave you behind but I realize that being together can get us nowhere.  I already accepted the fact that my new set of shoes will not be able to provide me the same kind of comfort that we worked so hard to develop between us but I am also confident that in time and with some effort we can be more comfortable with each other, the way we were.

This is true with you and I my old pair of shoes as it is with the changes that happen in my life. They are all painful at first, scary even but I know that the only way to move forward in this life is to take some risk and try new things.

Thank you for your service, I’m moving on now.