After the Storm

The sky starts to clear up. The road is wet but not for long. Fallen leaves and branches are scattered all over to be swept later. Soon, signs  that a heavy rain fell will be hardly noticeable except for the grass that look greener. People will go about their business like they always do unmindful of the fact that soon it a storm will come again.

Storms  represent the challenges in our lives. They come and they go. They happen to the best of us and to the least of us. After overcoming the downpour we should learn to pick the pieces up and move on.

Soon the signs that a storm went by will be hardly noticeable, except for a sign of a stronger and more experienced you.


Looks Like Rain

Sky is dark in the horizon. The clouds look heavy and pregnant The wind feels moist and going this way. Looks like rain in a few hours or maybe in the afternoon. Maybe a heavy downpour. Then again, maybe not. Maybe the wind will change direction or the cloud will pass by without a single drop.

Shall I bring my umbrella or take a gamble that I won’t get wet? Should I proceed as planned or rearrange my day? If it rains, it rains. There’s not much I can do about it. Should I heed the warning on the horizon or take things in a stride? That is entirely up to me. Whatever my decision, it will define my day.

That’s how it is with rains and that’s how it is with anticipating changes in life.

Stick Your Neck Out


You can’t move forward if you do not stick your neck out. A turtle retreats to its shell when it senses danger. It’s this behavior that keeps it safe from some predators. We do this a lot of times, we retreat to our own shells when we are facing risks or when we are challenged. We sometimes forget that turtles stay where they are when they are stuck inside their shell and the only way to move forward is to stick their neck out and take a risk…

Take a risk in life, stick your neck out, that is the only way to move forward.