The Leader is a Farmer

When a farmer looks at an undeveloped land, that’s not what he sees. He sees it’s potential. He will consider it’s location, the characteristics of its soil, the climate and all the potentials of the soil to produce the need of the people.

The farmer envisions, plans and then implements. He cultivates, plants, nurtures, protects and works hard in covering all the necessities of a good harvest.

The leader must learn from the farmer, nothing can be had without toiling. A great leader envisions, plans and then implements. He cultivates by preparing people for the challenge ahead, plant seeds of knowledge, nurtures to develop the knowledge into skill, protects people from being waylaid from their destiny and works hard in covering all the necessities of a good harvest.


Management and Chess


When you play chess, you consider the function of each piece and put the pieces in positions where they can best perform considering the situation. You do not expect the rook to play like a horse. You cannot change the functions of your pieces you can only take advantage of their strengths. It may be a crude metaphor but managing or leading people is pretty much like. Spending so much time trying to change a person can quite futile compared to discovering his strengths and capitalizing on them.

Score Board

If you compete and there is no score board are you really competing?

How do you know you are ahead or if you are winning or losing? Scoreboards keep us informed of how well we a re doing. Whether at work or in life, we need to keep track of our progress towards our goal. Without a clear set of goals and ways to keep track of our journey towards it, we are out of the competition.