Audience or Contestant?

Life is a spectator sport and we are all in the arena. What we do inside the inside it depends largely on everyone of us. We can choose to be spectators or we can choose to be participants. If you notice there are always more spectators or audiences in the arena compared to the participants of this life’s contest. The happiness of the spectators are dependent on the performance of the contestants while the happiness of the contestants are dependent on their own. The spectators are passively engaged, they react as things happen while the contestants are actively engaged, they make things happen.

This is not to say that the players are more happy than the audience.  I think what is important is that you are playing the role that you want, if you are happy being an audience, then so be it. You cannot be a happy audience if you are dreaming to be in the center of the arena and you are not. You cannot perform well in the center if you do not have what it takes to be there and that is the passion to engage actively in the game called life.


No Approved Therapeutic Claims

You have probably seen it. TV or radio advertisements that promise so much but just before the ad ends you hear a voice or a label that say “No approved therapeutic claims”. Which basically means to me that there is no formal guarantee that the product can deliver all that they say it can do. Rather twisted isn’t it?  The mere fact that these product sell is proof that many disregard the disclaimer.

I think the same concept applies in my line of work as a human resource development consultant.  I can site some instances when the concepts I share worked but there is no guarantee that it will work for you, even if you did exactly as I told you. Why? because just like how each person and condition is complex and that people respond differently to medications (or dietary supplements as some call their products), people are also complex beings facing complexly varying situations that there is no guarantee that an intervention will work for them. There’s a good chance they will but as I said, there’s no approved therapeutic claims.

There are not enough magic beanstalks

Most of us probably wish it.

That we find  a handful of magic beans, throw them to the ground, grow a gigantic beanstalk and find the goose that lays the golden egg at the end. It sometimes happen. Blessings fall like manna from heaven even when the lucky ones do not wish for them.  We become green with envy and wish for our turn to have that blessing land on our  very own hands. When things do not happen the way we expect them to we feel cheated. We refuse to take action and still wait for our magic bean entitlement…

Well it might or it might not happen, hence it is useless to just wait and then feel sore in the end. There’s not enough magic beans. You have to find your goose some other way.

What Would An Ant Do?

Fant_closeup.jpgant_closeup.jpgind another way… that’s the answer. Block the ant’s path, and it goes left, right, above, even dig it’s way out of the problem. You won’t see ants banging on the blockage thinking it can break it, no! they find other ways. The least that ants do when they face a challenge is stop. I mean have you seen an ant staring at a wall for long hours? It’ll be dead if it does that.

Now, what would you do?

It’s amazing how often we feel stuck whenever we encounter a stumbling block or when we see things do not go our way or our schemes fail to work. I’ve seen many people including myself staring on a blank wall and say, no choice, there’s nothing I can do when this is far from being true… And we have bigger brains!

The next time you see yourself saying, there’s nothing I can do or I have no choice… think of the ant.


How do you see this glass, half filled or half empty?

Conventional wisdom say that we should look at it as half full to  manifest a positive view of life and what it offers. I won’t disagree. Such mindset helps us appreciate the things that are available to us, to be thankful for what life gave. I won’t disagree.

But to ignore the fact that there is an empty space in the glass, is to ignore the fact that things can be better. That with some effort, the glass can be more than just half-full.

We often demonize people who see what’s lacking, we are not comfortable with people who point out the other truth. Think about it though, life cannot be better, if everyone is too satisfied.

Traffic Lights

Stop, ready, go! In that order. I believe that successful pursuit of success require that we keep a mental traffic light. We should stop to think about what we want to achieve for our selves. Stop to plan. Get ready by acquiring the resources that we need in terms of knowledge,skills and attitude. It would also be good to have a healthy dose of support from the people who are close to us. Go and pursue your dreams relentlessly. traverse this life using the knowledge and experience that you get along the way.

Enjoy the trip!