What is Your Kung Fu?

I’m not really sure which movie I heard that statement from that says “My kung fu is better than yours,” or “your kung fu is weak old man!” But it drew a lot of my attention on my own kung fu. In fact it made me realize that in some sense we all have our own kung fu… or at least we should. I’m talking beyond martial arts of course. I’m talking about the skills that we develop in order to face life’s challenges. I found my kung fu when I was 24. That’s when I discovered that my passion in life is sharing what I know with other people through training. My kung fu started out weak, what with so little that I know about it.  I can only laugh now at how I pretend before that it was strong. Over time and with a lot of effort, my kung fu became stronger.  Just like in the kung fu movie, it took a  lot of studying and practice, and yes a desire that someday my kung fu shall be stronger.

I wish I can finally say to everyone that my kung fu is better than yours but that would be like setting my self up for failure. Besides, the bad guys in the movies always say that they have the best kung fu and yet they fail in the end. So let me just say this for now… My kung fu today is better than yesterday… figuratively speaking.

So, what is your kung fu?  Discover it, work on it and get better at it.


Have You Unwrapped Your Gift?

Imagine this, you gave a friend a nice shirt as a gift. You of course wrapped it up  in a dainty little package, wrote some dedications and gave it as a birthday present. After a week, you ask your friend, “did you like it?” Your friend said, I don’t know I have no intention of opening it… I can guess how you would feel.

Everyone is gifted. We are all given a gift or gifts. While some people have uncovered theirs and use them to the hilt, some haven’t or hesitate to do so. If you are one of those who hasn’t made a move to discover what is in the package, don’t you realize how disappointing it is to give someone a gift and he won’t open it? Using your gift is a sign of appreciation of the one who gave it to you.