Pottery and Leadership

It starts with a shapeless chunk of earth. Dry and rough, devoid of beauty nor refinement but not without potential. The potter prepares the materials with a detailed picture of the end product in mind. He adds just enough water and other materials. He lets his hands dirty as he tries to get the right consistency. When the batter is ready, he waits some more for the water to rise and the clay is ready for the next step.

The potter puts the clay on the pottery wheel and starts working on the shape. The shaping of the clay depends on the skill and creativity of the potter. The success and failure to acquire the right shape is on his hands. After the shape is acquired, the material is solidified by putting it through intense heat. The pot is beautified further by painting it and putting more design. The final product once complete is vastly different from when the process started.

Such is the work of a potter and such is the work of a leader.

She starts with a little more than potential. She prepares the team for the shaping process by giving them a sense of purpose and other basic information they need that will motivate them to accept the bigger information they will get as they go through the process of building their skills – the shaping process. The newly acquired skills is put through the intense heat of testing to solidify it. The leader adds on to what has already been acquired by letting them use their own creativity to adjust to the daily challenge of their work. The finished product is vastly improve from when the shaping process started.

Vision, creativity patience, discipline and willingness to get one’s hands dirty are necessary to succeed in both


Elevator Button

I was standing there waiting for the elevator to reach ground floor. Another guy came and hit the already lighted elevator button, a lady came and did the same thing. Another guy approached and did the exact same thing! He didn’t stop there. As we stood there, he kept on pressing the button as if the elevator will come down faster if he hits the button several times!

Sometimes we approach life the same way. We want to accomplish so many things so fast that we fail to recognize that we put undue burden to ourselves and others, expecting things to happen faster than they should. We sometimes fail to realize that somethings in life are like the elevator, when you push the button, all you can do is wait.

The Bus Ride of Your Life

I don’t just take any bus that come my way. I look for the ones that lead to the place I want to be. I don’t just take any bus that lead to the place I want to be, I choose the ones that are likely to take me there in the most efficient way. I don’t just take any bus that leads to the place I want to be in the most efficient way, I take the ones that will likely make me enjoy the trip. For all these to happen, I have to patiently wait. More often than not the wait is well worth it.

As we traverse this life’s highways, we need to be clear about the directions we wish to take, the means to get there and when we wish to be there. Pretty much like taking a bus ride.

Traffic Lights

Stop, ready, go! In that order. I believe that successful pursuit of success require that we keep a mental traffic light. We should stop to think about what we want to achieve for our selves. Stop to plan. Get ready by acquiring the resources that we need in terms of knowledge,skills and attitude. It would also be good to have a healthy dose of support from the people who are close to us. Go and pursue your dreams relentlessly. traverse this life using the knowledge and experience that you get along the way.

Enjoy the trip!