Of Coals and Diamonds

coaldiamondCoals are coals and diamonds are diamonds. They may have the same basic ingredient but they are far from being the same. You cannot expect coals to become diamonds nor diamonds to become coals.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no need for coals to be diamonds, they are good as they are. With their abundance, they get the machinery going and they fuel the industries.

I am reminded lately that what is true for coals and diamonds maybe true with people. Sometimes people have the romantic notion that coals should eventually graduate to becoming diamonds. I used to share that notion… Until lately.

Lately I realized that some of the coals I met are not diamonds in the rough. No amount of cutting and piling will make them look any close to being diamonds, and to push them to become one just adds to their stress because while they may be inspired by the thought of becoming diamonds, they just don’t have what it takes to become one. Some of them are just plain uninterested.

As a matter of lesson I realized I need to distinguish between a coal and a diamond in the rough… And let coals be coals.


Your Bag of Seeds

We all have our own bags of seeds. We decide when to unpack them, plant them, grow them till they bear fruits.

Sometimes the idea alone of the  effort necessary in making that happen is so petrifying that we hesitate to let the seeds out of their bags.

Sometimes we think that laying the seed to the ground is enough that we fail to nurture it. When it fails to deliver on our expectations, we say bad seed.

But those who know the nature of seeds, those who are determined to do what it takes to get the seed to bear fruit, know that waiting is not enough.

We all have our own bags of seeds and they are called TALENTS.

They are worthless inside the bag. They won’t achieve their full potential, just laying on the ground. They have to be cultivated, nourished, fertilized and nurtured.

Ask these: How much of your seeds are out of the bag?

What have you done to make them bear fruits?

If you are not doing what it takes, it’s just right to lower your expectations.

Is reading this makes you want to work on your bag of seeds?

Are your going to take concrete steps towards achieving your full potentials?

Put some deadlines  to it will you?

And be accountable for it.