Imagine a world

where there is no need to build fences around anything;

where there is no need to set territorial boundaries;

where you don’t need money to avail of anything;

where you don’t need a bigger, prettier house than your neighbor;

where you don’t need 10 cars to show how much more you have than others;

where you do not own anything and yet you own everything;

where people don’t have to die of some easily curable disease because they can’t afford the medicine;

where people don’t have to go hungry while others have so much more than they need

Imagine a world of abundance

Is it possible? It is possible.

Who makes it impossible?

We make it impossible.


Don’t be That Bug

deadflyAccording to Mark Twain madness is defined as doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.

This reminds me of a bug i found dead near a glass window pane. It is easy to know the cause of that bug’s death. It banged against the glass pane many times trying to break through until it died. Have you seen them bugs do that? It’s crazy they can’t recognize that there’s no way they can breakthrough that way. They don’t know that the only way to be able to go elsewhere is to change direction.

Well, it’s not really crazy. They are bugs and one would expect them to behave that way.

What’s crazy is to see people behave in the same fashion. With human being’s amazing ability to learn, why can’t we learn from Twain… Or the dead bug by the window?

Whenever you feel stuck and your way towards your goal is blocked. Remember this lesson. ask how you can do things differently or do different things.

Don’t be that dead bug

The Same River Twice

They say that You can never step in the same river twice. This is because each time you step into a river, it is not the same river and you are not the same person. You bring change to the river and the river brings change to you even without trying. We live in an ever changing world. Those changes in the world bring about the dynamic changes in us.

I guess what matters most is not that we change or that we influence change in the world. What is important is the kind of change we bring to others and the change others bring to us. Do we bring positive change? Do we respond well to the changes around us? These are the more important questions that we must strive to answer in the affirmative

We Know

There’s a car full of passengers careering downhill towards what is going to look like a tragic crash. No there’s nothing wrong with the car. The engine is working perfectly well and the brake pad just needs to be stepped on to make the car stop. No, wait. There is something wrong with the car. All the passengers have a set of controls each! Everybody contributes to the speed but only a concerted effort can make the car stop or change direction. They know this but they are not stopping the car nor changing it’s direction. They are arguing.

Some passengers are blaming others for not stepping on the brakes while their own feet are at the accelerators.  Some are frantically stepping on the brakes and begging others to do the same but the ones addicted to speed are having too much fun. They won’t stop the car even if it kills them. And then there are those who think it’s pointless to drive a car with too many control gears, they decided to take a nap.

As some are panicking, blaming, excited by the rush and sleeping, the car accelerates to its impending doom.

Will the car crash? Can the drivers/passengers  make it stop or change direction in time? Only they know.

We know what the car is called and we know this story.

The Best Way is Not the Only Way

Sometimes, the price we have to pay in order to get to where we want to be is so steep we can’t afford it. The obvious reaction is to find another way but some of us refuse to.

For some of us it’s the best way or no way. So we sit there waiting helplessly for some miracles to happen. In the meantime, we suffer together with those who depend on us.

He’s a good writer. He has worked in several companies and influential people as speech writer, feature writer, editor, etc.  While he succeeded in those jobs, some good things never last. Now he is jobless for almost a year now. He takes the usual course, he sends his resumes here and there hoping to land  job, but there’s nothing…

While his talent waste away and his family going hungry some less talented but more enterprising writers are raking it in.

What is the difference between him and the others? His willingness to take a new path.

Looks Like Rain

Sky is dark in the horizon. The clouds look heavy and pregnant The wind feels moist and going this way. Looks like rain in a few hours or maybe in the afternoon. Maybe a heavy downpour. Then again, maybe not. Maybe the wind will change direction or the cloud will pass by without a single drop.

Shall I bring my umbrella or take a gamble that I won’t get wet? Should I proceed as planned or rearrange my day? If it rains, it rains. There’s not much I can do about it. Should I heed the warning on the horizon or take things in a stride? That is entirely up to me. Whatever my decision, it will define my day.

That’s how it is with rains and that’s how it is with anticipating changes in life.

Change Your Ladder

The fruits used to be just laying low, you can reach them with your short ladder. For sometime you have enjoyed the fruits of your effort. As time passes by however, the tree grows taller and the fruits become too high for you and your ladder. You should have seen it coming, you should have prepared a longer ladder for the taller tree and higher lying fruits.

It’s pretty much like life. We all know that what used to work so well can become useless all of a sudden because the environment has changed. Well, all of a sudden may not be the right way to state it, because there are almost always tell tale signs that change is about to occur, hence we should be prepared. Prepared to change our ladder… or move to a new tree.