What is Your Kung Fu?

I’m not really sure which movie I heard that statement from that says “My kung fu is better than yours,” or “your kung fu is weak old man!” But it drew a lot of my attention on my own kung fu. In fact it made me realize that in some sense we all have our own kung fu… or at least we should. I’m talking beyond martial arts of course. I’m talking about the skills that we develop in order to face life’s challenges. I found my kung fu when I was 24. That’s when I discovered that my passion in life is sharing what I know with other people through training. My kung fu started out weak, what with so little that I know about it.  I can only laugh now at how I pretend before that it was strong. Over time and with a lot of effort, my kung fu became stronger.  Just like in the kung fu movie, it took a  lot of studying and practice, and yes a desire that someday my kung fu shall be stronger.

I wish I can finally say to everyone that my kung fu is better than yours but that would be like setting my self up for failure. Besides, the bad guys in the movies always say that they have the best kung fu and yet they fail in the end. So let me just say this for now… My kung fu today is better than yesterday… figuratively speaking.

So, what is your kung fu?  Discover it, work on it and get better at it.



  1. The idea of Kung Fu is not to be better, weaker or stronger, but to simply better oneself. It is solely a personal activity that you may do with others, but in the end you are the one executing your form, you are the one sparring your opponent and you are the one progressing in life. It is my personal belief that someone’s “kung fu” can never be found. It is the same idea of setting an impossible goal for the sole purpose of progress. Once you have found your kung fu, what is the point of looking after that?

  2. I feel that “kung fu” can and does apply to almost any physical endeavor. My husband is a kung fu instructor, and I’m an old figure skater. But we totally understand each other when we’re talking about either. It’s about balance, the laws of physics, and applying principles of human movement.

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