No Approved Therapeutic Claims

You have probably seen it. TV or radio advertisements that promise so much but just before the ad ends you hear a voice or a label that say “No approved therapeutic claims”. Which basically means to me that there is no formal guarantee that the product can deliver all that they say it can do. Rather twisted isn’t it?  The mere fact that these product sell is proof that many disregard the disclaimer.

I think the same concept applies in my line of work as a human resource development consultant.  I can site some instances when the concepts I share worked but there is no guarantee that it will work for you, even if you did exactly as I told you. Why? because just like how each person and condition is complex and that people respond differently to medications (or dietary supplements as some call their products), people are also complex beings facing complexly varying situations that there is no guarantee that an intervention will work for them. There’s a good chance they will but as I said, there’s no approved therapeutic claims.