Change Your Ladder

The fruits used to be just laying low, you can reach them with your short ladder. For sometime you have enjoyed the fruits of your effort. As time passes by however, the tree grows taller and the fruits become too high for you and your ladder. You should have seen it coming, you should have prepared a longer ladder for the taller tree and higher lying fruits.

It’s pretty much like life. We all know that what used to work so well can become useless all of a sudden because the environment has changed. Well, all of a sudden may not be the right way to state it, because there are almost always tell tale signs that change is about to occur, hence we should be prepared. Prepared to change our ladder… or move to a new tree.


The Bus Ride of Your Life

I don’t just take any bus that come my way. I look for the ones that lead to the place I want to be. I don’t just take any bus that lead to the place I want to be, I choose the ones that are likely to take me there in the most efficient way. I don’t just take any bus that leads to the place I want to be in the most efficient way, I take the ones that will likely make me enjoy the trip. For all these to happen, I have to patiently wait. More often than not the wait is well worth it.

As we traverse this life’s highways, we need to be clear about the directions we wish to take, the means to get there and when we wish to be there. Pretty much like taking a bus ride.